WCHS Dog Training

Summer Youth Dog Training Available!

Current sessions:

June 17, 20, 24, and 27th from 9:30a-10:30a

July 22, 25, 29 and Aug 1 from 4pm-5pm


Prong collars, choke collars and electric collars are not permitted in class.

All dogs are required to be up to date on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella at time of registration.



♦ Group Classes

♦ Individual Private Lessons

♦ Youth Classes

♦ Scent & Agility Training



Meet Our Dog Trainers


“I began participating in the WCHS training program in 2008; initially as an assistant for the puppy classes, moved up to teaching the basic obedience classes, beyond basic, and tricks classes. I have participated with my own dogs in agility, rally, obedience, and nosework.

I consider it a privilege to have cared for and shared my life with all the dogs that have come into my life over the years.  They have all taught me so much.  I am a more patient person and a better trainer because of them.”


“I discovered my passion for dog training after adopting my first dog, Rascal from the Humane Society in August 2010.  After bringing him home, I quickly realized that Rascal had significant behavior issues.  I began my search for a trainer of my own.  Unknowingly, that search turned into a journey where I discovered a true passion for how dogs learn and how to bring out the best in them.  I began attending seminars, reading books, and taking online and in-person classes which led to her favorite pastime, dog agility.  Fast forward to present day, I have four dogs who three have all been AKC Canine Good Citizen, while the youngest is currently in training.  I have always dreamed of sharing my passion and knowledge and my goal is to help owners have a deep relationship with their dogs, based on positive reinforcement.”

Lori Jo

“I started volunteering at WCHS in April 2021 as a volunteer dog walker. I learned a lot about handling and enrichment. I began adoption counseling not long after that and continued to learn about dog behavior. The more I learned, the more I engaged with the shelter. I began dog training and became heavily involved in shelter fundraising events. I am now the Humane Educator at WCHS and happy to continue my dog training courses.”


“I ran my own pet-sitting service for 8 years, then in 2011 through 2022, I volunteered at another area humane society of which 5 of those years I was an assistant trainer. Over the years I have also fostered dogs. In 2017, I started my own dog training business and still teach today.  My husband and I decided to downsize and in March of 2022 and we moved to the Washington County area. I have 2 children; my son lives in Knoxville and my daughter is in the West Bend area. In October 2022, I started volunteering at WCHS.  I have had many dogs over the years and have dealt with many different behavior “quirks.” I currently have 2 dogs, both of which were fosters from Nashville, TN and we have since adopted. Birdie is 4 years old and very shy. Tessa is 2yrs old and not shy at all, except in front of a camera!”

Michelle, CNWI

“My serious interest in dog training began when I acquired my first Australian Shepherd puppy, Jack, in October 2007. With my second Australian Shepherd, Freddy, who joined us as a pup in April 2009, my skills improved, and I was gifted with a devoted and biddable companion. I enrolled in the CATCH  Canine Trainers Academy Basic Pro program and in January, 2021 was awarded a diploma, graduating with distinction. During the fall of 2021 I began planning to teach for the Washington County Humane Society, however my plans were suddenly set aside due to my husband’s cancer diagnosis in January 2022. My husband of 44 years passed away in October, 2022. It’s time to continue where I left off, hoping to find meaning and self-worth in working with dog owners who seek to enrich their dogs’ lives, or aspire to compete in this wonderful sport.”

Located at the Washington County Humane Society

3650 State Road 60

Slinger, WI 53086


(262) 677 – 4388