Surrendering Your Pet

At WCHS, we understand there are many circumstances that may lead to needing to surrender a pet. Our team knows that this is a difficult and stressful decision to make, and we are here to discuss your situation. 

  • If you reside out of Washington County please start with your local humane society. 
  • If you need assistance with food & supplies, check out our Pet Pantry located inside our shelter.
  • If you need assistance with behavioral support for dogs please call the shelter and ask for the dog coordinator.
  • If you need assistance with behavioral support for cats please call the shelter and ask for the cat coordinator.

By appointment only: All surrenders will be conducted by appointment only to make it a more comfortable experience for both pet and owner. Please call 262-677-4388.

Please consider using our virtual rehoming site before surrendering to the shelter, click here for more information on Home to Home rehoming. 

Surrender Process

  • We schedule all intakes by appointment. Call us at 262-677-4388 to discuss the surrender.  
  • Please be prepared to discuss any medical or behavioral concerns for the safety of our staff and the pet. 
  • Please have any veterinary information available and bring documents along to your appointment. If you are able to have these documents forwarded to us prior to your appointment that would be great.
  • During your phone call, WCHS will discuss the fees to cover the cost of the pet’s care while at WCHS. 
  • A government issued ID is required for all appointments. 
  • Owners must be 18 years old to surrender an animal. 
  • Written consent is required from the legal owner (prior to the pet’s intake) if someone other than the legal owner is bringing the pet to WCHS

Surrender Fees

There are some circumstances where animals cannot be placed up for adoption.

All safe, healthy animals are placed into our adoption program and have as long as it takes to find a new home. Whether or not we can place other animals into our adoption program is determined based on several factors. These include the severity of the medical or behavior condition, quality of life, risk to other animals in our care, public safety, and the ability to manage significant medical or behavioral issues.  

Virtual Rehoming with Home to Home

Please first consider exploring online rehoming. Our virtual rehoming provides an alternate solution to your pet coming into our shelter and allows you to directly interact with the families interested in your pet. We know rehoming a pet is a difficult decision and this way of rehoming helps your pet in an easier transition going home to home, and allows you piece of mind in meeting the family in person.