VOLUNTEERING – The precious gift of time
Volunteers are critical parts of non-profits throughout the world, including here at WCHS. Our volunteers not only help to lighten the load of our staff, but by donating their time and talents, volunteers ensure that shelter operations can progress to a new level by assisting in socializing the animals, cleaning the shelter and helping at events and fundraisers. Staff and volunteers work together not only in animal care giving, but also in sharing the WCHS mission throughout the shelter and the community.
When you join WCHS as a volunteer you will become part of a team working to make our community a safer and more humane place for all living creatures. Each time you leave the shelter you will be rewarded in knowing that you’ve created one more wagging tail, a purr and a smile.

The services we provide at WCHS are vital to the community and with the commitment of both staff and volunteers we can help more animals throughout Washington County each year. Our volunteers complement our staff each day and it is wonderful to have volunteers who understand our mission and join in.

Foster Homes Needed
Share your love, compassion, and home with an animal that needs a little extra TLC and would benefit from some time outside the shelter. In exchange for caring for the animal, we provide all the necessary litter, food, equipment, and medication for each animal. We ask homes to be able to separate current family animals from same species fosters, if they are ill.

 Adoption Counselors-
Greet people as they arrive at the shelter, take them around to see our adoptable animals, work with customers to match animals with suitable homes, and help customers complete adoption applications. We ask volunteers to commit to one day per week. Adoption counseling takes place during the hours that the shelter is open to the public: Monday 1pm–4pm or 4pm-7pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1pm-5pm, or Wednesday 1pm–8pm.

If you are ready to fill out a Volunteer Application – please review the booklet below

Printed applications can be mailed to:
The Washington County Humane Society
3650 State Road 60
Slinger, WI 53086