Capital Campaign

Our 2020 Capital Campaign

This year is a special one for The Washington County Humane Society. Not only are we celebrating 60 years of service to our community, we broke ground on a renovation project that will allow us to continue serving the people and animals of Washington County for decades to come.

This is our vision for the future. A new, modern facility that will provide a comfortable, stress-free environment for animals in our care and offer space to accommodate quality educational and outreach programs for children and adults in our community.
Much of the $7 million project cost has been funded through a combination of WCHS reserves and gifts from individuals, foundations and estates. We need your help to raise the final $200,000.
When you make a donation to our capital campaign you’ll be making a difference that will benefit our community for generations, and we will be honored to publicly recognize your generosity. We offer a range of opportunities for naming rights within the newly renovated spaces and across our programming, ranging from $750 to $500,000.

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For more information about how you can make a difference during our 2020 Capital Campaign, contact WCHS Director of Development Kay Amland at 262-677-4388 or [email protected].


1. We’re fiscally responsible. We’ve met our operating budget each of the last 23 years. Of every dollar donated, 87 cents goes to direct service.

2. We’re making a difference. Phase 1 of the renovation was completed in 2018. Since then we’ve seen less illness among animals, faster recovery of those that are sick and lower average lengths of stays.
3. We’re building on that success. Phases II-IV will create a more functional and inviting place for two and four legged beings and streamline our efficiencies. The building will meet the deeper social, spiritual and emotional values inherent to the work you trust us to do.
4. We’re committed to our community. The new building will allow us to expand our relationship with the community, reaching 20% more children and adults and adopt out 20% more animals.
5. We’re invested too. Nearly 20% of the total project cost, $1.3 million, is being funded through dollars we’ve saved over the years here at WCHS. We’re committed to our mission and our future!
Demolition of the existing training facility and the administrative offices took place in February, 2020 and we broke ground for the new sections of the facility in March.
To learn more about the renovation project and see artist renderings of the new facility, download our Building on Our Success brochure or view this video.


The Washington County Humane Society is nearing its $7 million fundraising goal as construction continues on the organization’s multi-phase renovation of its Slinger facility.
The organization is currently in phase 2 and 3 of the project, which involves razing its 35-year-old training facility and building a more modern space that will include a classroom for educational programming and community services. Work is also underway on a remodel of the shelter’s stray and surrender center, welcome area and courtyard. Phases 2 and 3 are expected to be completed in November.
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Washington County Humane Society Renovation Designed to Minimize Animal Stress Levels and Length of Stay

The Washington County Humane Society (WCHS) began rebuilding half of its existing shelter as much of the existing facility will be razed to make way for a larger, modern, animal-centric building. The 34,435 sq. ft. space, designed by The Kubala Washacko Architects of
Cedarburg, has been purposefully designed co create a more comfortable, stress-free
environment for animals during their stay.
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