We are doing everything we can to eliminate suffering. However, we can’t do it alone. You can help by making a planned gift to WCHS. Planned gifts are, quite literally, the gifts that keep on giving. They provide current and future support to WCHS while meeting many of your tax and estate planning needs.
Unless otherwise designated, funds generated from planned gifts are placed in The Washington County Humane Society’s Endowment Fund, and investment policies are designed to preserve the principle. If needed, the WCHS Board decides the amount to be withdrawn and used for animal services. This is a triple win situation: you as a donor get tax benefits, WCHS can keep programs viable, and the animals continue to be cared for well into the future.

 Common Planned Gifts Include:


Current Gift
You can give cash, real estate, stock or other appreciated property and get a tax deduction for the current value of the given property.
Through your written will, cash, real estate, or stock can be given to WCHS.
Through a legal document, assets (or income from assets) can be transferred to WCHS when a specific date is reached, or at the beneficiary’s death. In the meantime, the owner maintains control of the trust.
Charitable Gift Annuity
You can establish an income for your lifetime while benefiting from the tax deduction for your contribution to WCHS. In addition to important tax considerations, rates are age dependent, and may be very favorable.
Life Insurance
The ownership of a paid up policy is transferred to WCHS, or the organization is named the beneficiary on your policy.
Retirement Plans
WCHS is named beneficiary of residual amounts in your 401K or IRA.
WCHS encourages interested persons to meet with a Financial Advisor to find the right option for you.