May 2021

Dear Friends,

We named him Baron. A noble name for a young dog who had already gone through so much and was near death by the time we got him. Baron von Hund but Baron for short.


He was left in a box at our front door but had crawled out sometime during the night to lie in the bushes near our old entrance. He was extremely emaciated…so thin that my fingers spread out from my thumb were wider than his back. The box was filled with blood and fecal material, and he had a severe laceration on the top of his muzzle down the sides of his mouth and underneath…as though tape or rope had been wound around it. The box had two words written on it…they simply read, “Lost Puppy.” Looking at the empty, blank look in his eyes, his spirit seemed to have been crushed as well.


We rushed him to an emergency clinic where he was immediately put on intravenous fluids and some tests were run. They struggled to get blood pulled because his veins would collapse with each attempt. His paws swelled up, double their normal size, and a bloody discharge would ooze out. He had an extremely high white blood cell count, a very low blood pressure and it was clear he was in critical condition. He could not stand for more than 2 or 3 seconds before collapsing.

The vets had no idea what was causing him to fail, and they could only give us a very poor prognosis. They told us they wouldn’t disagree if we decided to euthanize him. And yet, we couldn’t make such a difficult decision at that point.


So we didn’t.


We felt strongly that Baron needed a chance. To be so young…only 4 months old…and to already endure such suffering was something that spoke to us. He needed to know that he mattered…that someone cared…and that his life couldn’t be relegated to dollars and cents.

After only 5 days, the emergency clinic felt that he was making very small steps toward recovery and that we could treat Baron just as well as they could. He has been with us for a week now and he is slowly gaining weight. His swollen paws continue to be an issue and are very painful for him.

However, he is able to walk now and we’ve wrapped his paws to lessen his pain and discomfort. He is also on pain medication and antibiotics, and his muzzle is improving as well. He is regaining his spirit and, although they still can’t say why his paws continue to be an issue, we are much more hopeful than before. And now, you can help keep that hope alive.

Animals like Baron come in to the shelter more than we would like to see…and it is a privilege to be here for them. But we certainly are not able to do that alone. It is only because of the generosity of friends like you who make it possible. We have been so very lucky to have your support over the years.

Please consider renewing your membership today so that other animals like Baron can have their second chance at life. And if you aren’t already a member, join us. There is strength in numbers and it takes all of us to be their voice.

Thank you, in advance, for your membership contribution. No matter the size, you can help put the light back in Baron’s eyes and help us restore his spirit.


Marnie Brown
Executive Director




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