May 2020



Dear Friends,


In mid-February, I watched as our old building was demolished in preparation for our construction project. It was an emotional day because there were so many memories rushing through my head as I witnessed the end of an era, and looked forward to a new beginning. It was a myriad of feelings…the struggles and challenges over the years, as well as the successes and happy endings I’ve been so fortunate to have been a part of.


So many animals…so many stories. They all remind me of those words that I’ve come to know so well. 



“Shelter animals aren’t broken. They’ve simply experienced more life than other animals. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt an unfortunate hand who responded with courage. Don’t pity them. Do something…donate, volunteer, foster, adopt. But most of all be proud you have them by your side.” – Unknown


I AM proud…and so very grateful that we have friends and supporters like all of you. You have helped us keep our dreams for our animals and our vision for their future alive. There is so much hope in everything we do…and that hope is, and always has been, you.


Pictured above is six-year-old Darrow, closing his eyes and drinking in the warmth of the sun and the breezes of an early spring day. He has been with us for so long, undergoing eye surgery, but completely captivating all of us with his silly behaviors and unending capacity to love life and accept the hand he’s been dealt. We won’t give up on him. Nor will we give up on cats like Ping shown below.


Ping came into our shelter weighing only 2 pounds, and completely matted and sickly. She clearly was unable to survive outside on her own, and did not know how to find food for herself. She was extremely weak and could barely stand. Since she has been with us, she has slowly gained another 4 pounds and has gotten so much stronger and stable. She is still on the road to recovery but can continue to do so in a safe and warm environment with people who care about her.


Animals like Darrow and Ping somehow seem to realize that we are here to help them…they come into our facility through no fault of their own and instinctively know that their lives matter to us. That while they are with us they are part of our family.



You are also part of our family. Time and time again, you have been there for us and our animals. And now, throughout this virus outbreak and the stay-at-home orders, we need you more than ever. The only thing that is certain during this time is the uncertainty itself. Our animals know that feeling full well…they experienced it the very first time they came to WCHS and everything in their life changed.



And yet they put their trust in us to make sure everything will be okay. Just as we trust you…our friends and supporters.


Your membership gift, no matter the size, will mean everything to us, and will go completely to the needs of our animals. They ask for so little from us…and give us so much more in return. Please know that we will always be grateful for your confidence in us and the work we do.



Stay safe during this troubling time…and, on behalf of Darrow and Ping, I thank you. 


Marnie Brown, Executive Director