Rummage Sponsorship Form

2018 Rummage In-Kind/Raffle Donation Form


Thanking our Sponsors!


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Friday -

June 1st

7am to 4pm

Saturday -

June 2nd

7am to 4pm

Sunday -

June 3rd – Clearance Sale

7am to Noon

Donations will be accepted from May 12th – 27th,  from 9am to 7pm!


Shop for thousands and thousands of items! Enjoy Food, Raffle, Bake Sale, DJ & More!
We will accept cash, checks and credit cards (no American Express) at the Rummage Sale.



It takes many hands to make this event a success! Please consider volunteering…it’s fun! 

If you are interested – contact Jessica at:




Any Other Questions:

contact Janet at: or call/text: 262-424-0495



Please save your clean, gently used items for this important fundraiser event! 

Drop off donations daily May 12th – 27th, 9am to 7pm.

Sorry, we cannot accept these items:

            • No Washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, microwaves and other large appliances.
            • No Vacuum Cleaners
            • No Mattresses or Box Springs
            • No Encyclopedias
            • No Organs or Pianos
            • No Tires
            • No Water Softeners
            • No Sinks 
            • No Air Conditioners
            • No Auto Parts
            • No Infant/Child Car Seats or Cribs. 
            • No Chemical Products or Paint
            • No Swimming Pools (unless the small kiddy plastic preformed swimming pools)
            • No VCR Tapes
            • No Large Exercise Equipment
            • No TV’s, CRT Tube Monitors
            • No Ceiling Fans
            • No Dehumidifiers
            • No Artificial Christmas Trees
            • No Counter Tops
            • No computers or computer equipment (unless they are two years old or newer)

Note: We gladly accept all clothing, but some items may be sorted and re-donated to local charities.


We need Bakers:

Please email: Jessica Jacklin: to let us know if you can donate baked goods. 
Drop off Bake Sale and Bark Sale items:
Tuesday, May 29         8:30a.m.-5:00p.m.
Wednesday, May 30    8:30a.m.-8:00p.m.
Thursday, May 31         8:30a.m.-5:00p.m.
Bake Sale Info (for people): 
Since the rummage begins in the morning and goes all day, we’d like to have a variety of goods including both breakfast items (muffins, scones, coffee cake, etc.) and more dessert-type goods (cookies, pies, bars, small breads, etc.). Please keep in mind that the bake sale is during a potentially very warm time of the year, so things with a lot of soft frosting (like cupcakes) sometimes do not hold up as well as they might otherwise. We are looking for 3-5 dozen treats per baker, or whatever you can contribute. We’ve found in the last few years that the items that sell the best are bars, whole pies/cakes or breads (like banana or zucchini breads), coffee cakes, rice krispies treats, and cookies.
We are going to cut bars, coffee cakes, etc., and package them in small portions, so if you are baking something that needs to be cut, please leave it whole, and we will cut it for you! Please label what you’ve made and drop off your bakery in disposable containers that seal well (to maintain freshness) at the shelter on the dates listed above.
Bark Sale Info (for pets):
We had a great variety of dog and cat treats last year that sold very well. If you would like, you can package your treats in smaller portions or just bring in single bones or similar treats, and we will display and sell them individually. If you have an idea of what price point you think would be fair, please indicate that as well, and we will try to get as close as possible. The most frequently asked questions shoppers had were whether or not the treats needed to be refrigerated and what the ingredients were (in case of food allergies or sensitivities). If you are able to make treats that DO NOT require refrigeration, that is best. This can be a very warm time of year, and we do not want to have to throw treats away because they were not able to be refrigerated and went bad. Keeping these things in mind, when you bring in pet treats, please provide an ingredient list and, if possible, an idea of their shelf life/refrigeration needs so we can refer to it if needed and properly inform our shoppers. Drop off your yummy pet treats at the shelter on the dates listed above.