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About Me

Species Small&Furry 
Breed Mouse 
Gender Female 
Color Tan 
Declawed No 
Location Rodent room 
Intake Date 11/5/2018 
Adoption Price $7.39 


Are you ready for cuteness in the smallest form? Do you enjoy watching antics ... and having someone greet you for food ... can't have a dog or cat ... what about a mouse???? These little ones are so cute and can live anywhere from 1.5 to 3 years! They learn their names and often times can be taught little tricks.

They need a good habitat that they won't escape from or won't chew through. Mice should have different areas of their cage designated for different tasks: one area for sleeping, one for feeding and one for their bathroom needs. When it comes to housing it is best to stick with just one mouse or just plan on keeping them separated so they don't breed or fight!
When it comes to their bedding, it is always best to go with a layer of Aspen shavings ... this type of bedding won't have oils or a strong smell. Tear up some Kleenex (or whatever brand of tissue you use) for bedding ... they will cover up and hunker down when they have things to pull over them. When it comes to play time (or chew time) make sure they have a nice wheel so they can keep in shape and stimulate their brain (solid surface wheel preferably), tubes, toilet paper tubes, wood blocks or small cardboard boxes. They will even chew up a cardboard egg carton. Have fun making a little maze and watch them chew threw it.

Always make sure you have clean water in a bottle/dispenser and a shallow ceramic dish for food. The dish won't be chewed and is easy to clean. Mice enjoy eating rodent mix or hamster food. There are pellets available for mice - yet always make sure you have a mix of some grains and seeds. As a treat mice do enjoy greens, apples and carrots - just don't overdue these as they will lead to diarrhea and dehydration. A good many mice even enjoy a little peanut butter on a piece of grain bread or wheat cracker (again only in moderation).

Since mice are nocturnal, consider them your new "Party Animal." These little ones can make a lot of noise when they are up! Often times you will hear them crunching in the middle of night, hear the little bubbles of water going up and them scratching.

When it comes to handling - let them get used to you first. Let them hear your voice and gradually work in touch. Remember don't allow anyone to squeeze your mouse - their first defense mechanism is their teeth and to squiggle out of your grip. Mice only take up a small space and you will have a lot of fun watching your little mouse!

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