When Kay Amland learned that The Washington County Humane Society (WCHS) was looking to hire a Director of Development to fill its newly created position, she knew that she had almost no choice but to apply.  Beginning at the age of three, Kay was all about helping animals, having inherited that bent from her mom and dad, Jan and Richard Sauerberg.

Kay lived with her parents near Little Cedar Lake in Washington County, and between 1969 and 1972 her mom volunteered at WCHS.  At that time, the Shelter was something more than an idea – but not much.  Helen Ziegler, also a long-time Washington County resident, began the organization in 1960 with 25 other volunteers and charter members, but it wasn’t until 1968 that it was incorporated.  And it was without a brick-and-mortar headquarters until ten years after that.  During those early years, Helen relied on volunteers like Kay’s mom to fulfill its primary mission – to protect animals from suffering, cruelty, neglect and abandonment – by rescuing dogs, picking up strays and transporting them to the only shelter nearby in Milwaukee.

That mission became the fabric of Kay’s life.  Her childhood home was always populated by numerous dogs and cats (and sometimes even piglets) – some adopted and some just passing through as fosters – but all of them loved and well-cared-for.

As an adult, Kay has now managed to translate her love of animals into a career.  After 15 years in the nonprofit arena, Kay has returned home to Washington County and to the humane society that is part of some of her earliest, and fondest, memories.  Now as an active participant rather than just a spectator, Kay’s role is to help lead the Shelter into the future by crafting and driving the Shelter’s fundraising and donor development activities. Her responsibilities include continuing to advance the annual fund, the major gifts program, capital campaigns and other related opportunities.

To welcome Kay or to learn more about the Humane Society initiatives, call 262-677-4388 or email her at dev@wchspets.org  She would be happy to give you a tour of the Shelter and share plans for the future of the organization.  Kay is thrilled to continue her journey with The Washington County Humane Society; and we are more than thrilled to have her with us.


Kay Amland