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About Me

Species Dog 
Breed Shepherd/Chow Chow 
Age 1 year 16 days 
Gender Female 
Color Brown/Tan 
Declawed No 
Location Adoptable dogs 
Intake Date 2/2/2019 
Adoption Price $290.40 


Greetings, my name is Lee Lee and I am fun, striking and spunky. I was transferred from an over-crowded shelter in Mississippi and now I am at WCHS looking for my new forever home. I am what you might call a perfect southern belle because I am good and respectful of everyone and everything. I could have a dog buddy in my home because I enjoying playing, stay soft and waggy and know how to communicate with a play-bow. I could also live with a kitty because I find them a bit scary and am respectful of the correction, so I would give them some space. I think gentle and respectful children of all ages would be awesome; we could have lots of great times together. I have stupendous manners with my food bowl and other valuable resources. I do need to practice accepting treats more gently; if you remind me to take it easy, I do respond well to correction. You may notice that my lip curls a tad high on one side of my face and some may think it is a "defect" but I prefer to think of it as a quirky look that is exclusively mine and it makes me very special. I think I would love to spend lots of time cuddling; I hope you do not mind a 44-pound bundle of love snuggled up to you. I will need lots of exercise every day to keep me healthy and happy and since I am very smart I will also need opportunities to keep my brain active and engaged. I promise to be devoted and loyal to you forever; I know we can have a spectacular life together. Come by to meet me in person, be captivated by my soft brown eyes and my happy face and prepare to fall in love.

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