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About Me

Species Dog 
Breed Beagle 
Age 1 year 1 month 12 days 
Gender Male 
Color Brown/White 
Declawed No 
No Small Kids  
Location Adoptable dogs 
Intake Date 11/5/2018 
Adoption Price $264.00 


Hi, my name is Dumbo and I have an awesome set of ears that are velvety soft, long and floppy and oh so adorable. I was surrendered to WCHS to find a new home. I lived with a family since I was a wee pup but I guess they did not realize the time commitment involved in raising a well-mannered and happy dog. I am an active boy who needs physical and mental exercise every day to keep me content and healthy. Like any beagle I have a fabulous singing voice and a spectacular nose that needs lots of room to explore; so, apartments or condos would not be suitable homes for me. I could share a home with a dog buddy because I remain calm and enjoy playing. If my new home has a cat, they will certainly need to know how to correct me; they are furry, small and so fun to chase if they run. Any children in my new home should be 12 years or older because they need to be old enough to understand I have a tendency to guard my food bowl and that fast movements can make me nervous. When I first meet new people or go to new places, I get anxious and I may respond by growling - it is my way of communicating that I am uncomfortable with the situation. If you control the introductions and go slowly, I get over it quickly and then we can have lots of fun; of course, lots of yummy treats are helpful, too. Speaking of treats, I need your patience and help to accept them more gently. I tend to inhale food items, so I forget myself and grab them a tad roughly. Another area that I would like you to help me improve are my food bowl and valuable resource manners. If I am enjoying a meal and people come by, I go into a guarded posture, eat faster and take large mouthfuls. One fun exercise we could try is for you to throw fabulous treats into my bowl while you walk by. Soon I will be looking forward to company during mealtime because good things happen when people wander by. Maybe a brain teaser game would help me appreciate you being around when I am on the hunt for yummy treats. I have a stupendous nose and think it would be fun to have you help me learn new games. I am OK with most types of handling but I am not a fan of hugs. One time I was at the vet and they wanted some of my blood for some weird reason. They tried to hold me down and we all agreed it was better if I wore a muzzle for such activities. I have been described as friendly, playful and active. Once we are properly introduced and I am comfortable, I am affectionate and a real lap lover; do you think 26 pounds is too big for your lap? I have even been taught some cues in Spanish so technically I am bi-lingual - dog-speak and Spanish. I am intelligent, gentle, curious and merry. I would love to have opportunities to explore and smell all the wonderous odors of the great outdoors. Come by to meet me in person and I guarantee you will agree I am engaging, loveable and incredibly precious.

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