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About Me

Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix 
Age 4 years 7 months 21 days 
Gender Female 
Color Brown/Tan 
Declawed No 
Location Adoptable dogs 
Intake Date 10/25/2018 
Adoption Price $184.80 


Ho-Ho, my name is Patsy and I am affectionate and eager to please. I was adopted a few years ago from a place called MADACC. That is where stray pups from Milwaukee hang out until they find a new home. Unfortunately, my family split up and now everyone is going their separate ways. I have come to WCHS to look for a new place to plant some roots and call my home. I used to live with three other dogs; they were "boys" and they were "friends" but they weren't "boyfriends"; we all just shared the same pad. If there is another dog in my new home, we will definitely have to meet to ensure we are a good match. I do best with calm, male dogs who are somewhat submissive; I get very uncomfortable when dogs are high-energy and over the top or pushy. If my new family has a kitty, I need to take another test; they say I have the potential to live amicably with a cat and the folks at the shelter want to be sure there is peace and harmony for all. I would be good with respectful children of all ages who know how to properly interact with a dog. I have fabulous manners with my food bowl and other valuable resources. I accept treats gently and would love to demonstrate that if you ask me to sit or come to you. I am very food motivated; that will come in very handy in my training. I am looking forward to learning all sorts of things from you and becoming a spectacular breed ambassador. Since I am about 60 pounds, I know I need to have phenomenal manners to be a welcome community member. Although I will probably be comfortable roaming freely in the home, it may be wise to initially limit my space when I am alone until we all get to know each other's routines. I am comfortable in a crate and that could be handy. When I need to go potty I know how to whine a little and stand by the door to give you the hint. I am not fond of thunderstorms and I get a tad anxious when riding in cars. I know cars can take us on all sorts of fun adventures, so maybe you can help me become more comfortable; yummy treats and kind words do wonders. I do well with all types of handling and enjoy lying next to you or even on your lap. I have been described as friendly, playful, gentle and affectionate. I am also an active gal who will need plenty of physical exercise and opportunities to engage my beautiful brain to keep me from getting bored and naughty. I am a loving girl who will thrive in a home where I am nurtured and cherished; I promise to be a forever friend and devoted to you. Come by to meet me in person and see my sweet silliness for yourself.

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