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About Me

Species Dog 
Breed Siberian Husky 
Age 10 years 4 months 2 days 
Gender Female 
Color White/Brown 
Declawed No 
No Cats  
No Small Kids  
Location Adoptable dogs 
Intake Date 8/15/2018 
Adoption Price $132.00 


The results are in - Shadow has no signs of cancer - fabulous!!
If you are looking for a dog who is in a constant state of "smile" then you will want to meet me, my name is Shadow. I may be a senior but I still have a puppy attitude and try and stay active. I came to WCHS from MADACC (Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission) where I was a stray. I could have a dog buddy in my new home because, even though I am a mature gal, I do enjoy playing and running with other dogs, at least for a bit. I am very tolerant and remain calm. Cats on the other hand are a no-no. I tend to fixate on them (I do find them fascinating) but I do not understand their correction at all. They can be hissing and swatting to let me know I have crossed a line and I just keep bugging them. Although I find that to be a ton of fun, I can imagine it would not be so enjoyable for the kitty. Any children in my new home should be 8 years or older because I tend to guard valuable resources like rawhides. I have great manners with my food bowl and can deal with things like hot dogs dropped on the floor. But if I am enjoying a rawhide or pig's ear I would rather be left alone and will give lots of signs that I would like to have my privacy. I also have to practice accepting treats more gently; I do better when I am reminded to be careful. I do well with all sorts of handling but since I am fairly food driven, I think you are offering me tasty treats and get all excited and jumpy. I am quite intelligent and know several cues like sit, high-5, shake and how to catch. I may be a bit large for a lap-dog, about 83 pounds, but I do think I would enjoy lying next to you for a scratch and cuddle after a nice long walk out in the fresh air. I may not be a marathon runner, but I do enjoy getting out and about to enjoy the smells that abound. I am hoping for a family that gives me lots of opportunities for exercise so I can shed a couple pounds. I am a mature girl and do admit that there are a couple things that show my age. I have cataracts and I had several mammary masses that were removed. I was so relieved that my large mass was benign and only had to be drained and the smaller ones have been shrinking since my spay procedure. I will need regular brushing to keep my coat at its best and keep me stunning and beautiful. I am friendly, outgoing, alert and gentle. I will be a constant companion who promises to be loyal forever. I am dignified and sophisticated with just a touch of mischievousness to keep your day fun and you smiling. Come by to meet me in person and I just know you will want me to be part of your family because the Shadow knows.

**UPDATE** WCHS was able to remove the largest mass on Shadow's mammary chain. We sent in a sample and great news came back! Despite our initial thoughts, the part of the mass we were able to have tested came back non-cancerous. However, since not all of the masses were removed they should be monitored over time to make sure there is no outward signs of change. Our vet is hoping that over time the masses will reduce in size since she was spayed and won't have as many hormones causing issues.

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