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About Me

Species Dog 
Breed Coonhound, Treeing Walker 
Age 2 years 14 days 
Gender Male 
Color Brown/White 
Declawed No 
No Cats  
No Small Kids  
Location Adoptable dogs 
Intake Date 11/15/2016 
Adoption Price $158.40 


Howdy, my name is Ruger and I am electrifying! I was surrendered to WCHS to find my new home because my previous owner fell on some hard times and could not afford to keep me. We were all pretty sad about it but I am keeping a positive attitude and I know I will find the perfect place for me. My new family definitely needs to understand the hound dog personality and it would not hurt to have a good sense of humor. You see, I never really took the time to learn proper manners so I tend to get a little hyper and jump up on people. I don't intend anything bad; I just have such a zest for life and I cannot contain myself. But I can certainly appreciate that a 65 pound dog leaping about can be a bit unnerving. That is why any children in my new home must be 15 years or older. They need to be big enough to handle my exuberance and also be able to help in my training. I would be good with other dogs in my new home because I am very soft and tolerant. Plus I have heard that dogs like me learn very well by example; so if the other dog has better manners it could help me. My new home cannot have any cats though - they are just too much fun to chase and I have a pretty strong prey drive so that would not be a good mix. I do OK with all types of handling but it seems like a game to me so I get mouthy and goofy. I am hoping for an experienced and patient owner who will help me remain calm. I also need to practice being calm at meal time. I start to eat fast and take large mouthfuls when someone is around me when I am eating. And if I am enjoying a nice treat like a pig's ear I will start evasive maneuvers if someone approaches. The folks at the shelter have some great tips to help me slow down at meal time and the best protocol to use like feeding smaller meals several times a day and giving me brain toys with treats and food inside. I do know how to come when called but other than that I am a blank slate so you get to teach me all sorts of things. I have a strong desire to please and I respond well to praise and treats; which I take gently, by the way. I am a very high energy boy, built for endurance. I would love walking, jogging, running or biking with you; of course I don't actually ride a bike, I will run alongside while you ride. I need daily structured exercise to be the best dog I can be. I have an awesome nose and think nose-work would be a phenomenal activity for me. I am clever, confident, intelligent and trainable. After a good work out and I settle down I am also a very affectionate boy who enjoys together-time with my family. I have stunning good looks and delightful ears. I am a sensitive and friendly young guy with wanderlust potential - I have an adventurous spirit and I know how to break out of crates and climb fences. I have a tendency to follow my nose so I am counting on my new family to keep me safe - sometimes without thinking I wander off. I am not a dog for a novice but if you know my breed you know how spectacular we can be. Stop by to meet me in person and discover the fascinating and delightful boy I am - we can have a ton of fun and a glorious adventure together.

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