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About Me

Species Dog 
Breed Hound/Mix 
Age 2 years 1 month  
Gender Female 
Color White/Brown 
Declawed No 
No Cats  
Location Adoptable dogs 
Intake Date 4/24/2018 
Adoption Price $184.80 


Greetings, my name is Carol and I came from an over-crowded shelter in Oklahoma. I am so awesome, I can guarantee I am the only fur-kid you will need. I really cannot live in a home with cats.They make me uncomfortable and if I am rude to them and they try and correct me I just do not get it; it is not fun for anyone. **I have been retested with a couple dogs here at the shelter and I've come quite a ways. Spaying me probably helped a bit. I would be best with an active but submissive dog, as I like to be the boss applesauce during play time.** That means I would not enjoy places like dog parks at all - I would like to get my exercise with you. I would, however, be good with respectful children of all ages - because I LOVE people. I am excellent with all sorts of handling; you can touch me anywhere. I thoroughly enjoy being with you and will do everything I can to be close including crawling into your lap for one big cuddle. I hope you don't mind a 41-pound lap-dog. I have fabulous manners with my food bowl although I do eat a bit faster if someone comes by during mealtime. Perhaps it is because I want to finish quickly so I can spend time with you. I have stupendous manners with valuable resources like rawhides. We can enjoy them together - you can hold it and I will munch on it. I know how to sit and I am intelligent so I know I can learn a lot of cues from you. I enjoy treats and hot dogs and would love to show you how gently I take them when offered. I am an energetic gal so I am looking for a home who will keep my mind and body active and busy. I would love to go on long walks with you so we could explore the wonderful outdoors together. I am beautiful in mind and spirit and I know I will fill your days with sunshine. Come by to meet me in person and discover how affectionate, lovable and precious I am.

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