Animal Loving Staff & Board Members

Administrative Staff

Marnie Brown
Executive Director
I came to work here in 1989 because I cared about animals…I stayed because it became my passion.

My years and experiences can be summed up by the following quote, “When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” ~A.D. Williams

Debbie Block
Community Relations Coordinator
It is incredible to be part of an organization that is devoted to bringing people and animals together. WCHS is a shelter where second chances happen every day. When you enter the building you will find a dedicated staff and an incredible group of volunteers. As I watch people falling in love with their new adopted family members I see how our mission statement and passion come together to bring lasting relationships.

Chris Fleischmann
Office Manager & Executive Assistant
What I love about working at WCHS is knowing that I am part of a great team who takes care of animals temporarily who haven’t found their “forever” homes yet. These animals are safe, warm & fed and love us no matter what has happened to them before they came to WCHS. Then, after they have been adopted and we get to read the letters from their happy owners – who has a better job than us?

Jessica Jacklin
Volunteer Coordinator
One of the most rewarding experiences we can have in life is to serve a mission that follows our passion.  Here, we directly impact the lives of animals as well as the families who adopt them.  The team at WCHS is inspiring, dedicated and have huge hearts.

Kathie Jaster
Canine Behavior Specialist 
My favorite part of working at WCHS is meeting at least one new dog every day; touching them, holding them and helping them. I am passionate about my work because I can help the animals have a new start at a new life. They can forget about being chained up, forget about living outside, forget about any neglect or abuse and find a forever home.



Front Office Staff

Mary Hermanson

Traci Kaebisch


Animal Caregiving Staff

Tina Duris
Operations Manager
My favorite part of working here is watching the sick, injured, neglected, malnourished, abandoned, and undersocialized animals come out of their shells and recover. There is nothing that makes me more proud of being an employee of WCHS than watching those once sad cases walk out of the door with a new future to look forward to and a smiling family ready to give them what they long for and deserve.

Jessica Wermager
Lead Animal Caregiver
I love my job because every animal deserves a second chance to be loved.


Kate Broesch

Kerewyn Cass

Jennifer Fischer

Emily Kaiponen

Cora Limberg

Ashley Oldenhoff

 Jordan Snoble

Kiyana Tancrede

Sarah Varga



Board of Directors

Chris Cowles

Michelle Nelson
Vice President

Rick Fox

Barb Pfeifer-Woog


Paul Kolosso
Jeff Schloemer
Dean Thomas
Maria Thomas